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The Woman In The Yellow Dress
Magenta Dairy

Forte’s filmmaking background certainly benefits his narrative style. By describing and moving through each scene as though it were a single frame on a roll of celluloid film, he paints a picture so real it’s easy to imagine his characters and settings right in front of your eyes. If you dare to lose yourself in the dark underbelly the 1940s Los Angeles, The Woman in the Yellow Dress is available for purchase on Amazon.

Erika F.

Johnstown Magazine

Loved it! A must read.

Maurice M.

The author weaves a great story of a gumshoe who finds himself swept away by a mysterious lady – his need to satisfy his curiosity twists over the story line. There is lots of intrigue to hold your attention, and the characters are filled out and well rounded so that they feel familiar. Great weekend read. I am anticipating book two!

Moore H.

Last night I picked up “The Woman In The Yellow Dress” and I read to about page 50 – was very tired and went to sleep.  I woke up and was in SOOOOO MUCH SUSPENSE…I picked the book up and finished it tonight! I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! GOOD JOB! I felt like I was having anxiety at times and the suspense would not allow me to put it down!!! I loved it!!!

Missy P.

I just loved reading this book! I can not wait for the next one to be released!! I could not put it down. I read it in 2 1/2 days.

Tammy G.

This book was a suspenseful mystery and an easy read, just perfect for my recent beach vacation. I’m already looking forward to the sequel that surely must be written!

Joan P.

A fresh new voice in an old-style gumshoe drama.

M. Hogan

I am loving this book! I’m on chapter six & having a hard time putting it down! Keeps your constant interest…trying to figure out “who dun it”! Characters are well described…you can put a face on all of them. Rather easy read…I highly recommend!

Deborah R.

The author absolutely nails the gumshoe genre. You can hear the voices of James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Joan Crawford, etc., echo down through the decades with each page. The story moves briskly and holds your interest throughout. It’s rare that a first-time novel displays so much to look forward to from its author.

Michael M.

A fun read with just enough intrigue on each page to make you keep turning. Reminds me of of a “good old fashioned detective novel”.


It was a perfect beach read, easy, suspenseful, held your interest! I recommend it!!

Rosemarie B.

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