In chapter 2 of his new crime thriller, Magenta Dairy, author Robert Forte continues the hunt for the “dangerously good” woman who seems to have all the right men tied around her finger. She’s as brilliant as she is beautiful, leaving a bloody trail of broken hearts as she ascends into leading an international cocaine operation. A FREE Kindle version is available on


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Magenta Dairy gives readers who loved, The Woman In The Yellow Dress, just what they were looking for from novelist Robert Forte. More thrilling crimes, plot twists and action to trip readers off their rockers. Enjoy the excerpt below.


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Excerpt, Chapter 2 – Magenta Dairy

Copyright 2018


By Robert Forte


I sat in my chair doing the best I could to listen to my latest prospective client’s story but kept getting distracted with one other pressing thought running through my mind.

I needed to know where Rachel Stone Barbieri was hiding.

She was my woman in the yellow dress who had somehow managed to successfully get herself released from a federal prison pending her trial for drug trafficking, extortion, and murder.

“How the hell does something like that happen?” I kept asking myself.

I asked and kept asking that question over and over and over again.

When I saw her acting free as a bird, I thought my head was playing tricks on me. But once I realized it was really her I saw that day at the Beverly Hilton, I immediately began to suspect everyone I had come into contact with since our first meeting back at Barney’s By The Sea.

Rachel Stone Barbieri was nowhere to be found and as hard as we searched for her, we kept coming up empty handed.

Someone got her released and I promised myself I would not rest until I got my answers to the how, the when, and the why, and returned Mrs. Rachel Stone Barbieri back in federal custody where she belonged. The only way that would happen was to work solely with people I could absolutely trust with my life.

Those people were my new secretary, Phil, Special Agent Edwards, and Detective Blaine.

Under the supervision of J Edgar Hoover, we worked diligently for six weeks straight, day and night, going over every single detail we could think of, including the premise that Hoover himself might be involved with her enterprise and her escape.

We also decided when we referenced Rachel Stone Barbieri we always used the code Magenta or Magenta Dairy just in case there were people out there possibly listening to any of our inner circle conversations.

Happily we discovered Hoover was not involved with Rachel’s disappearance.

Our investigation revealed that Rachel Stone Barbieri had a federal judge in her pocket.

His name was Lisankis and his office was a stone’s throw from where she was being held. Lisankis signed her official release papers together with an FBI mole who just happened to be working right alongside J. Edgar Hoover for over a year and a half. Both men worked their Barbieri magic without drawing any suspicion to themselves until weeks after she was released. The mole was responsible for not only orchestrating her transition to freedom, making it appear to be the decision of Hoover himself, but singlehandedly destroyed every piece of documentation the FBI had on Rachel Stone Barbieri before he was finally discovered and arrested.

His name was Richard L. Sendell. He was handsome, a Harvard graduate, class of ‘48, spoke several languages fluently, typed sixty words a minute, and was recommended for his position as an office assistant with the FBI by the governor of New Jersey, Alfred E. Driscoll. The governor was a man similar to Hoover who was big on fighting crime. Driscoll had

cleaned up most of the New York docks, closed down a national book-making network, unified all law enforcement in New Jersey under one leader, and gave the District Attorney the power to supersede local county prosecutors, specifically in cases dealing with drug trafficking.

Richard’s wealthy father and the governor also happened to be old friends.

When I made my initial call directly to Hoover using the code given to us, Magenta Dairy, Richard attempted to intercept the call but was totally in the dark and did not know the proper reply or its meaning. After eliminating all our suspects, Richard was the only remaining person having the means, the motive, and the opportunity.

Hoover was in shock and politically embarrassed, as was the governor.

Under intense interrogation, Richard told us he was in love with Rachel and she was in love with him. Once she had made good on her escape, she told the sap they would meet again in Acapulco, on New Year’s Eve.

Acapulco was where they had first met.
Where they had first made love.
Their meeting and love affair began at the Hotel El Mirador, about

three months before her arrest, and Rachel, obviously had made a lasting impression on this young college graduate who was about to begin working for the number one G-Man at the FBI. She told Richard that she in fact, herself, was an FBI undercover agent attempting to expose Hoover as a Communist and a man drunk with power who was attempting to orchestrate a Russian takeover of the United States government with the help of Mexico.

Sir Richard the Dope bought her story hook, line, and sinker. She was good.
Convincingly good.
Dangerously good.

She asked for his help and after a little sexual persuasion, Richard had convinced himself that Rachel Stone Barbieri was indeed a woman dedicated to saving our republic from the Russians and Mexico, and together they would conspire and bring down Hoover and expose him for the man he really was.

She also told him she had fallen madly in love with him. When she was arrested, he went to see her secretly, and once again, she convinced Richard that Hoover now knew what she was up to and had to be stopped.

She told him the charges against her were all false and her only option was escape. Then and only then, could they fight the good fight for god and country, and really be together as the two lovers were destined to be.

And again, Rachel Stone Barbieri was good at getting what was wanted and needed.

She was very good.
Dangerously good.

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