Author Robert Forte shines his storytelling skills on the dark world of ravenous greed that drives the emergence of the 1950s international cocaine cartel in his new crime novel, Magenta Dairy — available on Amazon now.

Forte gives his Forte Fan Club what they’ve been asking for, another page-turning mystery thriller in which private investigator Patrick Miles Atwater continues hunting for “The Woman In The Yellow Dress” — the first book in the Trilogy. Unfortunately, she’s also hunting for him in Magenta Dairy, leaving a bloody, dangerous trail to the insidious origins of the global drug trade. Forte doesn’t hold back with graphic scenarios, balancing the seriousness of murder with humor, plot twists and yet another surprise ending. Forte plans to release War of Ghosts, the third and final entry to The Patrick Miles Atwater Trilogy in time for Summer.

Published by Fifth Wind Publishing, Magenta Dairy is Forte’s second novel, which continues a 20-year career entertaining audiences with his writings, including screen and stage plays, television sitcoms, thrillers and even a musical. Robert has also started a blog, going between-the-lines for fans, offering VIP perks and insider information such as “The Inspiration for The Woman In The Yellow Dress.”

The Forte Fan Club has arranged the special offer for Book Clubs.

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Robert Forte is a multi-talented American writer and producer based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Forte has written numerous stage and screen plays, television sitcoms, and now his first crime novel trilogy, The Patrick Miles Atwater Trilogy. Fans raved about the first in the series, The Woman in the Yellow Dress, based on his original screenplay. Now Robert presents the sequel Magenta Dairy, which follows the murderous trail of a mysterious cocaine kingpin. Robert has also invented a board game, writes original music and has six screenplays in development. Learn more at

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