In chapter 9 of his newest crime thriller, The Woman in the Yellow Dress, Special Agent Edwards is set to convene with Patrick Atwater for their first ever intel meeting. However, when it appears that Patrick is running late without the slightest phone call the whole crew at Barney’s By The Sea knows something’s up. In this excerpt, Special Agent Edwards has a gun to his face once again but this time the person whose safety is in question is Private Investigator, Patrick Atwater. A FREE Kindle version is available on Please add a review after reading this excerpt, and enjoy the community of the Forte Fan Club.

Excerpt Chapter Nine – The Woman in the Yellow Dress

Copyright 2016

“Would you mind placing both of your hands on the table please?”

“On the table? Can I ask why?”

“Just do it mate,” said Jake as he poked Agent Edwards from behind on his left

shoulder with the point of a double barreled shotgun.


“All right,” said Agent Edwards.


Agent Edwards slowly placed his two hands flat onto the table.


“I’ll take that piece you’re carrying” said Barney as he reached into Agent

Edwards’s holster and removed his handgun.


“What’s this all about?” asked Agent Edwards.


“We’re not used to strangers entering my establishment carrying weapons,” said



“My weapon is a government issued M1911 and I am Special Agent Clovis

Edwards with the FBI. Sir.”


“I know an M1911 when I see one, shorty but the FBI? That’s bullshit,” said



“It’s not bullshit. I can assure you.”


“You can’t be with the FBI. You’re three feet tall, for Christ’s sakes. No one your

size would ever be hired by the FBI.”


“As I said, I can assure you, sir, I am the correct height and I have identification to

that fact in my inside right hand pocket.”


“Do you now?” said Barney.

“Yes. I do. I can show it to you.”

“Betty here will fetch it.”


Barney nodded to Betty and she reached in and took out Agent Edwards’ ID and

badge and opened it.


“Holy crap. This guy is the real McCoy, Barney. He is Special Agent Clovis

Edwards,” said Betty and held the ID up for Barney and Jake to see. “Just like he says.”

Jake and Barney stretched their necks and looked at the ID.


“Looks real to me, Barney,” said Jake.


“It is,” said Barney.


“Nice likeness,” said Jake. “Makes him look taller.”


“Sorry mate,” apologized Barney as Jake moved the shotgun and Barney placed the

M1911 on the table.


“We didn’t know you from Adam and Patrick Atwater is never late for any of his

new client meetings.”


“Never?” asked Agent Edwards as he put his gun back into its holster and Betty

handed back the badge and ID.

“Never,” repeated Betty. “I saw your gun when you sat down and didn’t know what

to make of it.”


“Better safe than sorry,” said Agent Edwards. “I’m not a client. Mr. Atwater and I

are sharing information on a case. Has Patrick called here? Saying he’d be late?”…


“May I sit down?” asked Betty.


“Please,” said Agent Edwards.


Betty slid in across from Agent Edwards and straightened the napkin holder.

“Something is clearly wrong,” she said. “If Patrick told you nine o’clock and

couldn’t make it here on time he would have called us.”


“You’re sure about that?” he asked.


“Dead sure,” said Betty. “Patrick Atwater is a stand-up guy. He’s also a man who

keeps his word and his integrity. Always. I know him. If Patrick tells you he will meet you

at nine and he doesn’t show? Then I know something is not right.”


“Maybe he’s having car problems?”


“No matter, he would still call. Something’s happened. Something bad. I know it.

Something has happened to him and it’s not good.”


“All right, let’s give him another twenty minutes or so and if he doesn’t show I’ll

make a few calls and we’ll try to locate him. How does that sound?”


“That sounds good.”


Agent Edwards took another sip of his coffee and smiled at Betty.


“Sounds to me like you and Patrick have known each other for some time,” he said.


“We have some history,” she replied. “Ancient history.”


“Before the war?” he asked.


Betty smiled broadly.

“Yes,” she said.


“Good friends?” he asked.


“Very good friends,” said Betty. “How do you know Patrick?”


“We just met each other today. By accident.”


Betty stared at Agent Edwards.

“It wasn’t by accident. You’re both working the same cases.”


“Something like that.”


“Can I get you more coffee?” she asked.


“Please,” he said.


Betty got up and walked to the bar.


Agent Edwards glanced down at his watch and noticed it was almost nine-thirty. If

Patrick was in trouble Agent Edwards wondered where he might be and just how much

trouble he might be in. Agent Edwards pondered what his next move should be and how he

might assist his new-found friend.


Betty poured more coffee and stared anxiously at the clock on the wall.