When screenwriter, now author Robert Forte wields a pen, audiences laugh, cry and certainly, hold their breath as his first novel, The Woman in the Yellow Dress, gives readers heart-pounding excitement from the lens of gumshoe private investigator Patrick Miles Atwater during the post-World War II revival of Hollywood glitz and crime. Kindle version FREE.

Published by Fifth Wind Books last month, initial reviews call The Woman in the Yellow Dress an “edgy,” “racy” and an “intriguing” “whodunit” mystery that’s a “great weekend read.”

Forte’s knack for painting word pictures comes from more than 20 years entertaining audiences with his screen and stage plays, television sitcoms, thrillers and even a musical.

Forte said the wonderful response from his new book encouraged him to start the Forte Fan Club, to help his fans know about his upcoming work and appearances. According to Forte, fans can expect to have the next book Magenta Dairy in March, and War of Ghosts in time for this Summer. Robert has also started a blog, going between-the-lines for fans, offering VIP perks and insider information such as “The ‘Other’ Woman in the Yellow Dress.”

Meet Robert Forte at an upcoming book signings and events:

  • #FineThings Online Video Interview with Robert Forte
    February 9, Pre-recorded LIVE online video here.
  • Church Mouse Emporium — Book signing, question and answer with Robert Forte
    February 16, 7-9 p.m. EST, 828 Diamond Blvd., Johnstown, PA 15905
  • Classic Lines Bookstore — Book signing, question and answer with Robert Forte
    February 24, 2-4 p.m. EST, 5825 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15217

“Forte’s filmmaking background certainly benefits his narrative style. By describing and moving through each scene as though it were a single frame on a roll of celluloid film, he paints a picture so real it’s easy to imagine his characters and settings right in front of your eyes. If you dare to lose yourself in the dark underbelly the 1940s Los Angeles, The Woman in the Yellow Dress is available for purchase on Amazon.”
— Johnstown Magazine, Book Review by Erika Fleegle

Robert Forte is a multi-talented American writer and producer based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Forte has written numerous stage and screen plays, television sitcoms, and now his first crime novel, The Woman in the Yellow Dress, based on his original screenplay and the first in The Patrick Miles Atwater Trilogy. Robert has also invented a board game, writes original music and has six screenplays in development. Learn more at RobertForteBooks.com.

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