Robert Forte has been writing screenplays, musicals and plays for 20 years. He says, “I still love it, more than ever.” After much encouragement from friends and his wife, Evelyn, he decided to write a book, applying his storytelling skills in the form of a crime novel set in the post-World War II era of the 1940s.

Robert said he’s always loved suspense, mystery and the stories about the perfect crime. But he said he wants his stories to serve more than just entertainment. To prepare for Yellow Dress, he took a cue from his favorite movie The Maltese Falcon.

The Woman in the Yellow Dress is not just about a murder or a search for a fake object. I wanted to show how people in the 40s felt and dealt with the same issues we are facing today,” Robert said. “At the end of WWII, countries were rebuilding and also competing for power. So there was the underworld. I wanted to show both worlds through the main character Patrick Miles Atwater’s eyes, and I knew that couldn’t be told in just one book.”

This is why The Woman in the Yellow Dress will be followed by Magenta Dairy and then War of Ghosts. Through this Patrick Miles Atwater Trilogy, Robert uses fiction to help explain the state of affairs facing the world in 2018, as well as the imminent threat of another world war.

Robert said “The Woman” in The Woman in the Yellow Dress has only one thing in common with his wife Evelyn. The first night Robert and Evelyn reunited after knowing each other 40 years earlier in high school, Evelyn walked in wearing a stunning yellow dress. He thought, “That would make a great book title someday.” More on this love story coming soon.

The lead character in the Patrick Miles Atwater Trilogy is a private investigator Patrick Miles Atwater. “As I was writing, I envisioned him to be like Humphrey Bogart. But for today’s audiences, I think Christian Bale would be a good fit,” Robert said. “Atwater doesn’t have any real “super” powers. Instead I gave him admirable character traits like courage, perseverance, and even vulnerability.” More on Atwater later.

The supporting actor in this book series is FBI Special Agent Clovis Edwards, who was inspired by Robert’s father, Angelo. He too was short in stature. When he married Robert’s mother, they adopted Robert and his sister, Lori, and gave them a very good life. Robert’s parents died in 2014, two weeks apart. So Robert wanted to pay homage to them both. Robert says his mother always wanted to be a singer but never pursued it, so he created a role for her in the book. She’s played by an undercover FBI agent Loretta Davis (also his mom’s real name) who pretends to be a singer in a nightclub.

Robert says he hopes to have Magenta Dairy and War of Ghosts available in time for the Summer! Stay tuned.

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