Flip through the first few pages of Robert Forte’s new book, The Woman in the Yellow Dress, and you’ll see an entire page with only two words, “To Evelyn.”

Married now for 10 years, Robert said Evelyn had only one thing in common with the character who plays The Woman in the Yellow Dress. The first night Robert and Evelyn reunited after knowing each other 40 years earlier in high school, Evelyn walked in wearing a stunning yellow dress. He thought, “Look at that woman in the yellow dress…That would make a great book title someday.”

Robert met Evelyn at Woodbridge High School in New Jersey. Although they dated and shared mutual feelings for each other, they parted ways in 1965. Forty years later, Robert found Evelyn online, both of them now divorced, and picked up where the sparks left off.

“We hit it off right away, like it was 40 years ago,” Robert said. “Today, our love for each other seems to grow and grow stronger every day. We may be older and slower, but we’re having fun together.”

Robert said Evelyn provides valuable input, assisting with his storytelling and feedback on early drafts. “But she doesn’t tell me how to write, and I don’t tell her how to do the things she loves to do,” he said.

Robert offered the following message about his wife Evelyn below:

“Evelyn has been extremely supportive. When our film project, Child’s Cry, fell apart after eleven months of hard work, it was my wife who suggested I step back from film production, regroup, and write a book.

I took her suggestion, sat down and wrote The Woman in the Yellow Dress. 

Evelyn has been and always will be my partner, my best friend, and the love of my life. She is a beautiful soul with a huge heart.”

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